Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Twilight Tuesday--Not Too Bad Tonight

The only twilight news I have to report is that our power went out tonight for a while,  and Martin was in a bad mood.  I was actually proud of myself.  I am mid-cycle, and I noticed that he was out of sorts and in one of his moods (he would deny it if I asked him, but trust me, he was.)  At first, I decided that I would just completely leave him alone.  It was clear he was unhappy, and I was getting the worst of it as usual.  And I  know he has a sinus infection.

Well, I made a decision.  Why sit there and pretend to be who I am not?  If he was going to be out of sorts, he was going to be out of sorts no matter what I did.  I decided to just be myself, and I had an enjoyable evening in spite of him.  And I think he even enjoyed himself to a degree.  I didn't want to play Monopoly, but I did!  And I even won, so go figure!!

Hope your evening has been great!


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