Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love It Or Lose It Challenge Week 1 of 4

The Crazy Domestic is running this great challenge over at her blog (it's actually  Katie P here from Food, Wine, & Mod Podge).  I have been doing it this week.  And it's time for the verdict.  So here goes.

First of all, I didn't get through all the clothes I set aside.  So I will have to set some aside for next week.

Secondly, I do not have pictures--this is something I really do have to improve on this year, and maybe I'll get it going for next week, but I am currently under the weather and don't feel like locating my camera.  So I'll tell you about what I did.

I had this beautiful black wool jacket I bought at the thrift store, and I had yet to wear it.  I really like the warmth of it, and the classiness.  It went really well with some black pants and a turquoise sweater (that I also had not worn though it was not part of the challenge!).  So I am keeping it.

Then I had a blue/beige flowered pair of pants.  I always thought that these pants were too tight on me.  I thought I  might be getting rid of them.  But when I put  them on, I realized just how nice I looked in them.  In fact, I was certain that I wanted to keep this pair of pants!  They were the surprise of the week, I do believe.

Okay, I have a pair of medium blue slacks that I am still undecided about.  I put them on, and I was pretty sure that I didn't want them any more.  They seemed tight.  However, they did loosen as the day went on.  I wore them with a black sweater, and I just wasn't sure how flattering the pants were. The pants are comfortable, but I don't think I have found the right thing to wear with them.  I think I need a frilly off-white blouse.  I think I will save them aside to try one more time.  They are not ugly, and I don't have  a lot of variety in my pants closet.  I know people say if you have to think too much about it, you should get rid of it.  But I am just not ready to.  So I will give it another try. 

So I got rid of nothing I wore this week, but that's okay.  At least I wore some things I had not in a while.  And I got rid of some things even before the week began.

So I will try to get some pictures of next week's clothes.  Thanks for this challenge!


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