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Well-Spoken Wednesday--Quiet Strength Book Review

Summary from Goodreads:

He led his team to #1 in the world and showed the world a better way to live, lead, and succeed.
When Tony Dungy led the Indianapolis Colts to victory in Super Bowl XLIand made history as the first African American coach to win the big gamemillions of people, amazed by the success of his quiet, authoritative leadership style, wondered: how does he get it done?
In the pages of this fascinating memoir, Tony Dungy reveals the secrets to his successprinciples, practices, and priorities that have kept him on track despite overwhelming personal and professional obstacles, including firings, stereotypes, and the tragic loss of a child.
In the face of so much adversity, Tony has not only survived but risen to the very top of his profession in a way thats won the respect of fans, players, and even his competitors. His thoughts on leading, succeeding, and attaining true significance will inspire you to take a long, hard look at the things that really matter in your own life.

Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning LifeQuiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life by Tony Dungy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off, I am not a football fan.  I watch it only because I have two people in my life who do love football.  The only time I even showed any interest in football was when I lived in the Tampa Bay area.  I remember when Tony Dungy took over as their head coach, and I remember how impressed I was and how the team changed.  I was horrified when he was fired, and then we he became the Colts coach, I was somewhat interested.  I remember how my heart broke when I heard of his son's suicide.  The constant for me with Tony Dungy was that he is a Christian, and he never yelled at the officials and the players like the other coaches did.

I was not looking forward to reading this book because I figured it would be filled with football stuff.  I was pleasantly surprised as I read the story of Dungy's life, and on almost every page, his faith showed forth in a very simple manner.  I was so inspired, and more than once he almost had me in tears.  To have the faith that he demonstrated throughout the book!  Goodness, he puts me to shame!  He gave all glory to God for everything, and he learned to trust Him in all things.

Indeed, this is the best Christian book I have read in ages.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who would like to deepen their walk with the Lord.  It is autobiographical, but it is first and foremost a book of faith in God.

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