Monday, January 31, 2011

Music Monday--Challenge Week #5

Well, I do have one CD I am reviewing this week.  It is a CD on which I have never been that keen, but it does have some redeeming songs.  This was the trio's only CD. And in my opinion, they just lacked a good marketing and promotions team.  About half of their songs show promise, but the other half are pretty rough around the edges.

Ten Year Night, One Day at a Time, Now That You Love Me, and Nothing On But the Radio seem to be the stand-out songs.  The others are mediocre and a couple of them are dire.  I am ambivalent about this CD, but it was given to me by Martin.  And it gives  me something different to listen to.  It is a not a CD that you want to spend a lot of time listening to at once.

I had no idea there were any videos.  It's kind of boring to watch the video, but I think you might find the chorus of this song kind of nice.


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