Sunday, January 30, 2011

Solution Sunday--Update on My Challenges

Here it is! The big post that will cover all of my challenges.  I think I have a lot to report today!

This is the last week I will be posting on this.  I only have one thing to show here.  While I plan to keep this mindset going and I will post updates to a degree, this is the last official week!  This vest was one I just never wore.  I wore it this week and love it!  I am keeping it.
While I only have gotten rid of one thing this month, I have been able to wear some items I have not really worn and thought I didn't like.  And I think I have finally understood my style--sweaters with sleeveless tops and slacks.  I have loads of clothes to wear, and I plan to keep on going!  I plan to tackle my accessories eventually as well.

Week #4--I got my bookshelf organized!

I am still a week behind with this, but I got this done.  Remember this for last week?
 Look at it this week!!

Okay, it's not perfect, but I can find my books!  I didn't realize I had so many wonderful books that I have won and bought.  I have a lot of reading to do.  I also listed a lot of books to sell.

This week, I am supposed to be working on the DVD's/VHS cases.  I feel pretty good about the prospects of this one.  I plan to purge and straighten.  I love this challenge!


Still working on The Book Thief.  I may have it done by next week.


I am still reading through the Bible in a year.  I will start Proverbs when this is done.  But I did finish Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy.  That makes 2 books in this challenge.  I have enjoyed these!


Nothing new to report here.  I will be reading my first book for this challenge pretty soon!


The cool thing is that the "romance" I am currently reading has turned into a mystery!  I get to list it for this challenge when I'm done.  I never dreamed it would be.  I am reading Scandal Becomes Her because a friend sent it to me.  I didn't know what I would think of it, but I am more  than half through it and looking forward to discovering the secret to the mystery.



Nothing to report here.  Sorry.

Okay, I have this one going.  You will notice at the bottom of my blog posts that there is a map.  Sorry you have to zoom out to see the map, but for some reason, that is the default setting.  I have visited England, Indiania, and Texas.  You can see them on the map.  The hardest thing for me is to figure out where non-fiction books take place.  If I am not sure,  I go with where the author lives.  Or where the book takes place mostly.  

Okay, that should do it for this week.  Man, I am a busy lady!!


  1. Wow Ruth that is quite the post! Congrats on the map spots! Hope you are having fun!

  2. HI again Ruth - I received a notice that you left a message on the Banned Books Blog for me. That is not my blog although I do contribute to it. :)

    My blog is Book Journey and should connect through this comment.