Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday--What a Day and More

First of all, no I did not post last night--I should have. It has been such a busy week, and if I would have been on the ball, that review I did a couple days ago could have been scheduled for last night.  I never think about scheduling posts.  Okay, I think about them, but I have to admit that I prefer to post at once rather than wait.

Secondly, I definitely had my worst day all year at my job today.  Which, considering my worst day last year, this was a picnic!  Last year on my worst day, a student left my class without permission and I was called into a parent conference.  Kind of strange for a sub.  It all worked out well.  But today was pretty tough, and I am worn out.  Part of the trouble is the regular teacher--he doesn't count homework, so no one does it.  You can imagine how difficult this is for a sub.  Part of the problem is the kids just don't care.  I'm glad I haven't forgotten my algebra!  I was able to help several students who needed the help.  It just made it hard when students were disrespectful and I didn't know their names.  And it also didn't help for there to be 31 staff members absent!  And I'm not joking!!

Finally, I told you about my phone the other day, and since I reset it, it has been like having a new phone.  I think sometimes g1 phones get a bad rap, and the android system even gets put down.  Of course, everyone wants an iphone or something like that.  Well, I was reading an article in P C World magazine just this weekend, I think, and it spoke of a different browser you can for your android phone.  I had been struggling with not being able to access some sites or not being able to see the mobile version of a site.  And there were times that certain sites just didn't work.  Enter the Dolphin HD.  This browser it amazing!  I'll leave you the link to their website (which is currently down as I write this!).  I was able to get a site to work that had not worked previously.  And I discovered the websites load much faster than the browser that came with my phone.  The fun thing about the browser is something called "gestures."  You are able to use and create simple line drawings that represent certain things on the browser (such as refresh, bookmarks, go, back, forward, etc.).  It will recognize what you have asked it to do.  It's actually kind of fun.  And the best thing about the browser--it's free!  You can also organize your bookmarks in a much better way.  Mine are being organized by work and personal right now.  So if you have an android phone, you might want to check out a new browser for your phone rather than just relying on the one that came with it.  You may be lucky enough to have the newest and greatest phone, but you know what?  I plan on keeping my g1 for a long time to come!  I would love for any of you to share android apps you like or different tricks you might know.  I always enjoy learning from other people!\

That should summarize my day.  Why do 4-day weeks always seem longer than 5-day weeks?


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