Monday, January 17, 2011

Music Monday--Challenge Week #3

Well, today's review is disappointing, to say the least.  I got the album Bullets in the Gun, Toby Keith's latest CD.  I had heard two of the songs previously.  I wasn't too keen on one of them, but the other was okay.  This is one album I am glad I did not buy--I borrowed it from the library.

To the review.  It is true that Toby Keith is always about doing his own thing.  His videos are often entertaining, and his songs are not often just run of the mill.  I have been a fan of his, but I was hesitant about this video mainly because of the title song--this is track one.  Bullets in the Gun is a song that has somewhat grown on me, but I still struggle with evil basically winning out. The story of the song is about a robbery, and according to the video, she gets away with the money, and he is left to face the music alone, bleeding on the ground.  I can't say it's a favorite, but it is probably one of his best on the album.

He follows this first song with Somewhere Else.  This is actually a cute little song about his girl leaving him, and it  gave me hope that the rest of the album would  be nice.  He followed this with his other single, Trailerhood. The video for this is pretty good, and it certainly is the kind of song for which Toby Keith is famous.

From  this point on, things went downhill. The next six songs are all about the girl leaving the guy, the guy being devastated, and the guy gets lost in drink.  And when I say that all of them are like this, I am not joking.  I can't even remember them individually because they all sounded alike.  I was pretty disappointed.

Then I got to the last song, and this is when I believe Toby Keith went too far.  The song is Get Out of My Car. While it is true Toby Keith style, the song is about telling the girl to pull down her pants, take off her shirt, take off her clothes, or get out of his car.  I was pleased at the end that she got out of the car.  But I felt the song really crossed the line. I was glad when it was over, and I look forward to returning this to the library as soon as possible.

I will post a video here that is a good Toby Keith song--one of my favorites by him.  It was probably my first favorite song by him.

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  1. This was a funny video.

    I'm sorry most of the ones from that album went down hill.

    Apparently that's all that is up there in his :)

    Glad you are dancing with us today.

    Have a great week! :)