Thursday, August 19, 2010

30-Day Song Challenge Day 2

Well, here is day 2 of this challenge sponsored by Krystal kitsch.

My least favorite song. Oh, the list must be endless. But I guess I'll stick with the song that I absolutely must turn when it comes on the radio. There is a horrible country song called "Pray For You." I remember the buzz about it on the radio when it first came out. I'll post the link to the video of the song. I almost hesitate since it is such a horrible song, but maybe it's something you have to see. Anyway, here it is.

My problems with the song are as follows:

1. It mocks my Christian faith. The lyrics talk about going to church and hearing the pastor talk about praying for people. The man in the song takes the pastor's advice, but it becomes a farce. He prays that everything bad will happen to his ex.

2. I do not like that it uses the words "Pray for You" because it deceives you into thinking that it will be a positive song.

3. I can't stand the video because the woman in the video appears to be trying to kill the man in the video. They make a joke of all sorts of horrible crimes--assault and battery, vandalism, and attempted murder.

4. It speaks of revenge which is something that God says is His, not ours, to dish out. It would be much better for the guy to just leave the girl and go on with his life without her.

5. And last, the singer cannot sing! This group, Jaron and the Long Road to Love, is no good--they have no talent. They are definitely a one-hit wonder group. And the only reason they are making it is that many people would like to wreak revenge on the person who hurt them.

So, this ends my post for day 2. Looking forward to tomorrow's.


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