Saturday, August 14, 2010

Just a Quick Thought

I am just a little ticked at present, I guess. Nothing major. I'm at a family birthday celebration, and I should be enjoying myself. Well, I might if it weren't for so much of the hypocrisy I see around me.

Here's a question. Does going to church make you a Christian? Are you a bad Chritian is you don't go to church? What if you have to work on a Sunday? What if there is a family situation that needs attention? What if you are judged by others because you don't go for some of these reasons?

Surely, we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together--I couldn't agree more. But I also believe that our American concept of church and church attendance is far removed from what the Acts concept of church was.

Our family and friends have been hurt so much by churches and church people. In fact, we have more problems with church people than we do secular people. Why is it that people of the world--nonbelievers--put us--believers--to shame with their good conduct? Do we think that we don't have to follow rules because of freedom in Christ? Maybe we have let the church decide what is right and wrong for us rather than the authority of the Word of God.

At a later time, I will have to share what I had to go through in this area when I got divorced. Thanks for reading my random thoughts!


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