Saturday, August 14, 2010

God Can Use Anyone!

Ever heard the story of Balaam? I know I linked that up to a kid's retelling of the story, but there's not a thing wrong with that. You can read the full story here.

I was reading--okay, skimming--a telling of the story of Balaam. It is always a fascinating story to me. How is it that a simple donkey and a "prophet" who was not interested in serving Him??

I'm always amazed when I read that the donkey spoke to Balaam, and Balaam spoke right back. Give me a break! If my cat or dog started talking to me, I would seriously do a double take! If they said, "Hey, Ruth, why aren't you feeding me? I'm hungry! I want it now!" I would think I was off my rocker and had merely dreamed it!!

Dear Lord, I want to pray that we will never forget that even when we totally mess up and think that we have totally lost Your best that You will remind us of Balaam's donkey. You used a mere working beast that could not even speak to accomplish Your purposes. You didn't let Balaam curse Your people even though he longed to. You even used this ungodly man to bless Your people. If you can use an evil man and a dumb donkey (I'd probably use a different word, but I don't want to offend anyone), You can certainly use us! Amen.


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