Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Minute in Stilettos

Monday Minute

Never done this one before.  Just happened to see it.  Glad to be joining in!

Who was your high school Sweet Heart? 
I didn't date in high school.  But if I could have, it would have been Kyle Haugen.  He was an absolute musical genius, and he graduated valedictorian.  He was kind of cute, but it was his piano talent that won my heart.  He's still in the area---unmarried.  Oh well, I'm not interested in him any more.

What is your favorite vegetable to eat?
Oh, goodness, I guess I would say sweet potato--if it is baked--or fried would be fine.  But I'm in the minority in my household.  I could seriously eat several per week.

Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween, if yes, what do you have in mind?
If I do, I will be a female pirate like my daughter.  We'll see.

Are you a reality show junkie? If so, what is your guilty pleasure?
Let's see.  I used to be into American Idol, but now I guess it's America's Got Talent.  My daughter lives for that show!!
and finally
What year did you graduate high school?
I graduated in 1992.  No, I don't feel old.  Not really. 

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  1. Good for you for eating so many sweet potatoes...they're so good for you!

  2. I am the only one here who loves sweet potatoes.