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The Seeker by Ann H. Gabhart--A Review

The SeekerThe Seeker by Ann Gabhart

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I knew nothing about this book when I first picked it up. I knew that at some point it had been recommended to me online, but I just didn't remember. I looked at the front cover and read the back of the book before reading it, and I thought, "This sounds like my kind of book," and I got pretty excited.

I began by reading the little 2-page history on the Shakers that the author wrote. I barely remembered learning about the Shakers in American History in high school. I always put them in the same category as the Quakers. Similarities, yes, but some major differences. Shakers do not get married, and they follow the teachings of Mother Anne, the female representation of God, as well as the Bible.

As I read the first chapter, I smiled and thought, "This is Gone With the Wind all over again." It does take place in the South right before and during the the Civil War. The main character, Charlotte, is a Southern belle who is lives on a huge plantation with her widowed senator father. He has just remarried, and the woman is only barely older than Charlotte, and it is clear she only married him for the money. Charlotte herself plans to marry Edwin, but he tells her that is going to join the Shakers.

Then enter Adam--the dashing, debonair artist. He is instantly smitten with Charlotte, and he steals a couple furtive kisses. Throughout the whole of the book, neither of them can forget each other.

AS Kentucky stands on the brink of war, Charlotte follows Edwin to the Shaker village. She plans to win Edwin back, and she also frees her personal slave in the process before her father's new wife can sell her. Charlotte struggles through her time in the Shaker village as the whole country is in the throes of civil war.

In the end, God's faithfulness to Adam and Charlotte is shown in spite of immense sadness. Both come to a true knowledge of the God that they only knew nominally as children.

I am quite impressed by the writing of Ann Gabhart. She has to be the best Christian author I have read in a long time. Her characters are 3-dimensional, and I found myself truly caring about what would happen. Yes, it is sometimes a predictable storyline, but she throws in enough twists and turns to make you want to keep reading. While she does no beat you over the head with Christianity, she makes it clear that God is integral part of the events that are happening.

It was quite refreshing to read a book without sex and foul language. I am able to read books that contain some of those realistic ingredients, but it is nice to see that a well-written story in this day and age can be accomplished without these things. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a good historical romance. I appreciate the historical accuracy of this book and the high level of writing.

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