Monday, August 16, 2010

Please Post Your Needs/Devotions

Well, today I can't say that I have felt any strong leading as I have the past couple days in praying or meditating. I have read a lot of great things, but nothing has really spoken to me.

This is when I am so grateful that God has given me this blog. I worked and prayed and struggled through a lot for years, but I get bored very easily. My blog is every-changing. And now that I have so many followers, I can appeal to all of you.

If anyone has a special prayer request or devotion they want to share, please do so here. I make a promise to each of you that I will read, pray, and meditate on everything that is posted.

I would actually like to do a prayer blog hop some time, but being so new to this, I am not certain how to go about doing that. Maybe some time one of you could create one. Or maybe I'll investigate. I'm always learning about what to do, and I love technology.

So, this is not about me--it is bout you! I await your responses!


  1. Stopping by to say Hi!.

    I should visit your blog more earlier but I not feel well,
    Thank you for visit my blog and Thanks for kind comment on my blog.
    Hope you have a great day.

    PS. I'm following your blog.

  2. Our church here is currently participating on a nationwide 40-Day fasting and it doesn't hurt to have another prayer warrior on our side. Help us pray for pastors and youth pastors, on bridging the gap between this generation and previous generations and more mentors for the youth! =)

  3. a prayer blog is an awesome idea. If you want it to be a meme which is basically a blog hop with followers, you have to think of a great catchy name. Like when I was thinking about my "Glimpses of God". I can help you make a buttom and I paid another blogger to make the HTML for it.
    On another one & only pressing prayer request is for a teaching job. Not just any teaching job but the perfect one for me!
    Thanks...and you let me know what you want me to pray for. I am on on a reading plan in the Bible, I have read some pretty interesting stuff that I had forgotten. Haven't really found anything prohetic but its cool ro read the OT.