Sunday, August 22, 2010

30-Day Song Challenge Day 5

I am so glad I am doing this! Again, if you are interested, see Krystal's Kitsch.

Day 5: A song that reminds you of someone

This took a little bit of thinking. I could have taken the easy road, but I wanted to get something a little bit different out there. So I chose "Take Me Home, Country Road" by John Denver. This reminds me of my brother. He is six years older than me, and of course, I always wanted to sing the songs he sang since I was younger. I can remember our long summer vacations as a family. He would sing this song, and I had no idea what song what it was or who sang it. I just knew it was something about country roads taking me home. I tried to learn the words, but he knew them all. I couldn't pick them all up.

Years later, Martin (my friend from England) introduced me to John Denver. I knew of him nominally, but I was not a country music person. In fact, I hated country music. Kind of funny now since it's one of my favorite genres. I finally made the connection that it was John Denver who sang that song so long ago. I don't think I'll ever hear that song without thinking of my brother singing along with it in the car.

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