Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesdays

This is hosted by Work, Wife, Mom...Life (Supermom in Training).  I just happened to find this.

Please share your story with us... and remember to make it your own!  Please don't feel like it has to be a question and answer session... part of blogging is telling a story, your story.  Choose ONE of the prompts below or tell us anything working mom related. 

#1. Birth stories!  {I loved giving birth and love hearing other birth stories... share one of yours!}

#2. Do you have your own bank account or do you share with your spouse?  (If you have your own, why?)

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I can hardly wait to share my birth story!  Here goes.

For a long time, I had wanted to have a midwife and a natural birth at home.  Well, first, I had to get pregnant.  That took a long time--9 years.  But God was good.  I remember when I first suspected I was pregnant.  I had miscalculated the start date of my period.  I  realized this on a Sunday before church.  I was nearly a week late--which was abnormal for me.  I worried because I was the wage-earner in the family, and I had already taken some ibuprofen for what I thought was cramps.

The next day, I want to work,  and I worried most of the day about whether I was pregnant or not.  I confided in one of the ladies there--she was also my Sunday School teacher.  She suggested I get a pregnancy test just to see.  I remember being so excited when I tested positive for pregnancy!  My then husband didn't believe me.  He didn't believe me for a good month or two.  I found a midwife, and it was only the midwife who convinced him.

I had a rough pregnancy during my last trimester.  My blood pressure was high.  I nearly had to take off work.  I  didn't find out ahead of time what the sex of the child was.  I had false labor several times before I fully went into labor the evening before my birthday.

I was having contractions, and where was my then husband?  Skateboarding in the garage!!

Well, my daughter came.  I went all natural, and she was born very healthy.  It was about 6 hours of labor, and she was my birthday present!  I would not have made it without my godly midwife, Ann Crowell, my mom and my sister.  My then husband just sat there and "prayed."  He never did anything to really help.  

My daughter starved for the first five weeks of her life--I fed her nearly around the clock, but we didn't realize till later that I didn't have enough milk.  My mom and I knew Martha was losing weight, but Paul (my then husband) refused to acknowledge it.  Praise the Lord for a midwife who took concern and decided Martha needed an early check-up.


  1. What a great birthday gift!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and congrats to being so close to your goal as well! Doesn't it feel great!!!

  2. It is so refreshing to see someone who is so comfortable in Our Lord's presence. I can feel your comfort through your beautiful blogspot. *hugs*