Monday, August 23, 2010

Quick plug for a site that has helped me lose weight

I won't spend a long time this morning talking about my weight loss journey--I'll save that for another post. But I would like to say I am getting closer to my goal that I set a few years ago. The last 10 pounds is always the hardest. And do you want to know what site helped me? Sparkpeople is the site that helped me. When I began there so long ago, I was over 200 pounds--I think around 205. I now weigh 144.5 pounds as of this morning. I tried a couple sites before this--ediets and Denise Austin. The best thing about Sparkpeople is that it is free! And it worked for me. The other sites are great--don't get me wrong. I lost some weight with them, but the changes did not stick. I tracked my food for a whole year with just a couple omissions. I joined challenges, and I made time for my exercise. It's strange to think of my ever being that heavy, but when I see old pictures, I know I was. My goal weight is 135. I no longer use sparkpeople just because I find that I have made the necessary lifestyle changes. Once in a while, I go back to it for a week to get back on track, but that is usually all I need.

When people have asked me about my weight loss, they are always hoping for something that does not involve exercise. Sorry, guys, there really is no such thing. So if you're serious about wanting to change your lifestyle, check them out.


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss! I love sparkpeople too :)! Thanks for following me! Have a great week.