Friday, August 13, 2010

One more blog giveaway to enter

I happened upon a really great giveaway tonight. My friend, Shanna (one of my new followers) is hosting a fantastic giveaway. It features the shop Softly Sweetly who handcraft marshmallows of all things. When I first saw the giveaway, I really thought it couldn't be what it said it was. Marshmallows? Oh, yes!

Well, I went to their etsy shop, and the only problem is trying to figure out which marshmallow I want to try! That's what Shanna wants us to do for the first entry. I picked lavender because it sounded intriguing. But I could pick any of the chocolate ones and be a very happy camper.

So, why don't you head over to Shanna's blog and enter it for yourself. While you're at it, she has a fantastic blog. So sign up! Just make sure I win!!! (Just kidding, just kidding.)


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