Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blogging About a Giveaway

Okay, I'm doing it again but for a different reason. I read a great blog called the Mom Buzz--much bigger than I'll ever be. She has some of the best giveaways sometimes, and this is a definitely something I would like to win.

She is hosting a giveaway that ends on September 12. The winner of the giveaway will win a Sport-Brella This looks like one really neat item. It is a portable weather and sun shelter. We have these lovely canopies at our house, and they just don't do the trick. They are tricky to set up, and they are tricky to take down. And they are stationary. This item looks great, and it is advertised as being easy to set up and take down.

So, if you are interested, be sure to enter to win.


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