Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making Time for God's Plan, not Mine (inspired by Heavenly Mommy)

Well, I was reading Heavenly Mommy's post about making time for God's plan. It got me to thinking. How often do I make time for what God wants in my life? Do I even think about what He wants me to do during the day? I don't know. I think I usually get up in the morning and review my plan rather than God's plan for the day. That should not be.

So here's what I believe God would have me do. I'm going to pray a prayer right now to Him.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray right now that You will guide me and lead me every second of every day of my life. I pray that I will not be so caught up in my own schedule that I do not see what You want rather than what I want. Lord God, I pray that I will consult You in every aspect of my life. May I give over to You every aspect of my life and not keep back tiny portions for me. Lord--that is what You are. I am not Your co-pilot as some would say--I am Your servant, Your slave. May I serve You first, and not me first. Amen.

So here are my priorities:

1. God
2. Martha
3. Martin
4. My parents
5. My job
6. Me
7. Housework

Interesting list. I find housework way down on the list. I also find my job and me way down there. Instead of trying to please everyone, I pray that I will live these priorities out. I make a commitment to get up each and every morning and begin with the simple prayer that says, "God, may Your will be accomplished in me, not mine."


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