Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Cat

I'm sure I have a picture of my cat somewhere, but it occurs to me tonight as I am trying to do my Bible reading for the day, that he is a good object lesson. He has the most annoying meow in the world, and he will usually meow until someone lets him out. I am reminded of what our Lord said. Continue to ask. Continue to seek. Continue to knock. Pray without ceasing. In fact, Jesus uses the illustration that if it is late at night and a friend knocks on his other friend's door asking for food, the insistence will get that friend to get out of bed. I don't let my cat outside because I want what is best for him. I let him out because he just won't hush!!

Don't our kids do the same thing? They keep asking, and sometimes we just give them what they want so we can have a moment's peace. Interesting. And here we are, thinking our prayers should be answered the first time we go whining to God. And then when He doesn't give an immediate answer, we give up and get mad.

I think we could take a lesson from our cats and kids. Don't give up. Never stop asking. Keep on praying. Today may be the day that Martin is saved. Today may be the day my niece comes back to the Lord. Today may even be the day that God works a miracle in my dad's life. Far-fetched on the last one, but it could happen.


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