Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Murderer's Daughter--A Book Review

Thought I'd start adding other things to this.

The Murderer's DaughtersThe Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was what I would call realistic fiction. I don't remember why I initially made the decision to read it, but it must have been recommended to me on a reading list at some point. And I am glad I read it.The story is sad--and it ends rather sadly. Again, while realistic, it does not resolve like I would like it to. I sometimes have a love-hate relationship with realistic fiction. And this is probably one of those instances.I found myself going to bed each night thanking God for the wonderful family I have and everything for which I have to be thankful. I am a teacher, and I have taught students in the past who have gone through situations like the book describes. I had never considered how a family murder can continue to affect children throughout their lives. In the end, I would have liked the two sisters to have truly resolved their issues, but then again, I guess it is pretty common that people don't. I loved that the author acknowledged at the end that she had worked with people for ten years in the situations described in this book. The characters at times seemed 2-dimensional, and I got tired of the foul language and the more intimate sex scenes. I probably enjoyed the first part of the book better than the other two. Although the author throws us a curve or two in Parts 2 and 3 that are worth reading.All things considered, I liked the book more than I disliked it. Thus, my 3-star rating.

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Spiritually speaking, it was nice to have one character in the book==she was dying of cancer--that had some good things to say about God. The only person in the book who did. All the characters were Jewish, but only nominally.

Here's what I did every night before dropping off to sleep following my reading for the night:

I would pray and thank God for the family I have and that I am so grateful I never had to go through something like this. I thanked God over and over. And I filed away what I read for those times when I have students who have experienced this.

All right. First book review completed on my blog.


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