Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Quick Prayer for Tuesday

Tonight, I don't have a lot of time. It's always tough when my daughter has swimming lessons. But I am determined to pray.

First of all, I am again thanking You, Lord, for blessing our family in the way You have. You have blessed me beyond belief even when I struggle in my personal life. It's so easy to look like I have everything together. How ironic that the church would deny my mother membership, and yet, I am the one who has probably messed up more than she has. How many times, Lord, have I gone into church knowing how I have behaved the night before or that I have just chewed my dad out in the car, but now I look like I am so holy??

Secondly, I want to lift up my niece to You. You know what she is going through. I pray that she will turn her heart towards You. May she not listen to men's counsel but only to Yours. I pray that my other niece will not make the same mistakes her sister has. They both need a touch from You.

And I lastly pray for the missionaries who still remain in countries like Yemen and Afghanistan. I know there must still be those who are there. They are secret missionaries, and they are relying on You for everything. I pray that You will keep them safe and that You will draw people to them. May they present the true witness, not the false witness that America likes to portray. May Your Word continue to go forth in spite of persecution and Satan's fiery darts.

In Your Name, I pray.


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